Our Services:


  • Current and Projected Home Evaluation.

Selling your home is something that has to be carefully planned out and it takes a couple of months in preparation and careful examination and analysis of the current market. Pricing the home right could bring more interest and multiple buyers and its the most important job for the agent. 

  • Financial analysis.

Our clients receive more then just a real estate service! We carefully examine the current financial situation and we work together in finding the best outcomes for their future. Our tight relationship with major "A" and "B" lenders allows us to find a solution for any issue we might encounter on the road to our client's financial goals. We also work with private lenders if financial support is needed for any upgrades that might need to get done and even funds for deposits on our clients future home purchase.

  • Interior Upgrade analysis.

Our team has a vast knowledge of the industry and what works and what does not when it comes to interior upgrades. A lot of people out there spend a lot of money upgrading their homes and expect a great return however in most scenarios "Less Is More" works best.

  • Using our trusted suppliers and contractors.

One of our team members has over 20 years experience as a contractor in the residential sector and his vast database of trades people and suppliers is at our clients disposal to use. We give our clients advice on how to get things done at minimal cost.  

  • Staging.

 In this market the homes sale on average 12 days however its in our clients best interest to present their property at its best. Staging is a big part of the home sales. It proven that when the property is properly presented it draws in more buyers thus the possibility for multiple offers.

  • Match Real Estate Set Up.

Match real estate is developed by our team to save our clients money on real estate fees. With our buyer and seller database we try and match the two sides before offering the property on MLS. This eliminates a few services thus lowers the realtor commission drastically. 

  • Professional Photography.

Professional photography is still a vital part of presenting the property and its what gets the initial interest from potential buyers. Great pictures naturally bring in more interest.

  • Listing Coverage in Homes and Land magazine.

We present our properties in the Homes and Land magazine. This is one of the most popular real estate magazine and has an average of a million viewers a year. A copy of the magazine is also mailed to our clients. Deadlines for ads are the 5th of every month.

  • Virtual Tour.

Virtual tours are a part of the photography package. The virtual tour helps buyers give a better look at the property and is helpful drawing interest. Virtual tours are posted on MLS and YOUTUBE as well.

  • Feature Sheets.

Most agents think Feature Sheets are a thing of the past however its a piece of the presented home that any visitors can take with them. This is a great marketing feature.

  • Just Listed promotions.

As the property is listed we use promotions as flyers, website ads and social media to promote the new listing. Exposure is very important when property just listed.

  • Daily Advertising.

We advertise daily on all social media and our websites. Constant exposure brings more buyers in.

  • Facebook Exposure.

Facebook has become a great advertising tool and with the huge audience it brings its a must. Our facebook ads are second to none and with our specific targeting we have had great results in the past.

  • Kijiji Ads.

Kijiji ads are also very helpful and from our past experience with them its very important that we use them.  

  • Open Houses Weekly.

Our team is dedicated to doing open houses for our clients on weekly basis. We think that its a great marketing feature and a lot of our past sales have come out of open houses. It creates a face to face interaction with possible buyers and a way to get instant feedback.

  • Website Exposure.

Our Websites are full of traffic and we develop specific pages just for the listing. We use eye catching images to make the listing stand out whenever the buyer visits our site. We also share our listing with a lot of other agents and brokerages as well as posting it on our brokerage site.

  • Full MLS Exposure.

MLS is a great way to list the property and we list on all possible boards.

  • Top Dollar Negotiations.

The best for our clients is the best for us. We put the client first and we always go for the best price out there that we can get for our listings. Costumer comes first and repeat business and refferals is our best complimanet.